3 of the Best Songs Written by Children of the Beatles

Some people say talent is innate. Some people say it can be learned. But, the three songs below make a strong case for it being inherited. We’d imagine that living up to the prestige of the Beatles wouldn’t be an easy feat. Nevertheless, their children managed to carve out their own slice of fame. Find three prime examples, below.

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3 of the Best Songs Written by Children of the Beatles

1. “Too Late For Goodbyes” (Julian Lennon)

The first child of the Beatles we’re looking at is Julian Lennon. Though Lennon has a robust catalog, it’s “Too Late for Goodbyes” that is his signature. This floor-filling song features an ear-worm chorus and stellar vocals from the younger Lennon. The entirety of Lennon’s discography is well worth a listen, but if you want a strong taster, try out this track.

Time has gone since I’ve been with you
We’ve been starting to lie
Now it seems you don’t care for me
And I don’t understand why

2. “I.C.U” (Dhani Harrison)

While the above Lennon song isn’t super far off base from the Beatles, “I.C.U” from Dhani Harrison feels worlds away. There is something otherworldly about this song. It feels magical and journeyed. George Harrison somewhat stood out from the pack back in his day, his son seems to be doing the same.

Wonderful light, we set the scene, all of us cried
Knowing that you’d broken free
The depth of the night, the blue and the green
Reading by your holy light I did not intervene
I see you, can you see me?

3. “Primrose Hill” (James McCartney and Sean Ono)

If Paul McCartney was a touch more alternative, “Primrose Hill” could be his track. It has the same harmonies that were present in many of the Beatles’ songs. Plus the addition of Lennon’s other son, Sean, creates a mirrored image of their parents’ songwriting partnership.

We layed on Primrose Hill
Didn’t know if still
You meant what you said
An overcast sultry day
I didn’t know what to do
I didn’t know what to say

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