3 Songs From John Mellencamp That Will Make You Cry

John Mellencamp is one of those musicians who can capture the depths of human sorrow in such a profound way, and it certainly makes sense why his fans love his music so much. His long career has featured a number of really heartbreaking songs, but these three tracks are some of his saddest. Without further ado, let’s break down these three songs from John Mellencamp that will make you cry.

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1. Jackie Brown

We can’t have a list of songs from John Mellencamp that will make you cry without including the 1989 classic “Jackie Brown”. It’s a somber track about poverty and hardship, centered around the fictional character of Jackie Brown. Mellencamp often sings about the fragility of the human spirit, and this particular song resonates with human empathy in a beautiful way.

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2. The End Of The World

This is another heartbreaking track from Mellencamp, one of many that explores the aching and longing of lost love. The lyrics are poignant and describe the very relatable experience of loss that can’t be fixed. If you’re looking for songs to add to your breakup playlist, this is one you shouldn’t skip.

3. Minutes To Memories

“Minutes To Memories’ is one of Mellencamp’s more bittersweet tracks. And the singer/songwriter is no stranger to bittersweet songs. However, the lyrics tell a story that everyone can relate to.

The song describes the fleeting nature of life and the inevitability of growing old. It’s a melancholy, nostalgic song that might just trigger an existential crisis in its listeners. At a minimum, it could trigger a tear or two and inspire listeners to cherish the fleeting moments of life. It’s definitely a bummer, but also somewhat inspiring, like much of Mellencamp’s music.

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