3 Vince Gill Lyrics That Will Make Anyone Tear Up

Vince Gill has a diverse catalog of songs. He has the party songs. He has irreverent country anthems. He has heart-wrenching ballads. Our topic of discussion today concerns the latter. If you’re in need of a good cry, try the three Gill songs below on for size.

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3 Vince Gill Lyrics That Will Make Anyone Tear Up

1. No other lover ever really cared / When I’ve reached out for you, you’ve always been there / Now I’m so far away and, baby, I’m scared / I never knew lonely ’til you (“Never Knew Lonely”)

Loneliness is a universal feeling. Everyone has felt that dreaded tug at the heart once or twice. Gill bottles up that feeling in “Never Knew Lonely.” He details the loss of a relationship that has hit him particularly hard. I never knew lonely ’til you, he sings. It’ll surely bring a tear to the eye of anyone going through a similar situation.

2. You sure have a pretty smile / It sure has been a while / Since I’ve felt your touch / You’ve got the sweetest way / I think about you every day / I miss you so much (“Pretty Little Adriana”)

“Pretty Little Adriana” sees Gill describe the loss of a child from a parent’s perspective. He was inspired by the real-life loss of a girl named Adriana, who was shot outside a supermarket in Nashville. Given those origins, it’s easy to see why this song is a tearjerker. We’d find it shocking if anyone were able to get to the end of this song without getting a little teary-eyed.

3. Oh, how we cried the day you left us / We gathered ’round your grave to grieve / Wish I could see the angels faces / When they hear your sweet voice sing (“Go Rest High On That Mountain”)

“Go Rest High On That Mountain” is another song that is impossible to remain composed through. Gill delivers a stunning tribute to a lost loved one with this track, praying for a peaceful crossover to the other side. Anyone who has lost someone close to them will find this song particularly emotional.

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