3rd Place | “Dancin’ in the Kitchen”

3rd Place | March/April 2013
“Dancin’ in the Kitchen”
Matt Jordan
Glencoe, Missouri

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I watched mom and daddy
Dancin’ round the kitchen floor
I learned all about true love
When I was only four years old
I know what I’m lookin’ for
I know just what I’m missing
They taught me all I need to know
By dancin’ in the kitchen

My big brother found his sweetheart
In the town where we grew up
Never thought a man so strong
Would ever fall in love
They come over now and then
And it just leaves me wishing
He puts his arms around her waist
And they go dancin’ in the kitchen

One, two stepping on each other’s feet
They don’t know they’re making memories
The sound of their hearts keeps them right on beat
And as they dance on by they smile at me
I know I’ll find love like that someday
And when I do we’ll dance the night away

I close my eyes and fall asleep
Alone again tonight
And in my dreams I see myself there
With my future wife
We’re at the sink right after dinner
Cleaning up the dishes
I take her softly by the hand
And we go dancin’ in the kitchen


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