3rd Place | “Front Range Falling”

3rd Place

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The rising moon looks like the headlight on a freight train
Bearing down upon a cold November sky
Her thoughts drift like the snow in the fields along the road
With the gray ghosts of fence posts passing by

With the Front Range falling slowly off behind them
And a thousand miles of silence up ahead
She leans a pillow on the door and stares down at the floor
They both know there’s nothing more to be said


She still loves the way he finds the silver lining
And the way he finds the music in her soul
But it’s hard to keep on loving a dreamer
When the faded dreams begin to take their toll
All she knows is she can’t take one more disaster
There’ve been far too many tears already cried
If this time he doesn’t find what he’s after
There’ll be nothing left but emptiness inside

He had nothing but the best of good intentions
When they started out 11 years ago
But the best of all the seed will lie choking in the weeds
If the gardener won’t pay heed to his hoe

It had never been so much the fear of failure
You know, to him that’s just another word for friend
But the roads you must refuse to take the one you finally choose
Only leave him more confused in the end


So she ventures a glance in his direction
And sees the moon’s reflection in his eyes
And as the dawn begins to show he finds her falling slowly
Asleep under the cold November sky


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