3rd Place | “Love Built Me A Boat”

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

3rd Place
“Love Built Me A Boat”
Chris Yurchuck
New Hope, Pennsylvania

Was sinkin’ in a sea of fears
Thought I was doomed to drown in
When love jumped in and kept my faith afloat
Hitched a rudder to my heart
To navigate those waves of doubtin’
Said it’d always find a way to lead me home
Love built me a boat, love built me a boat

When the past rose up inside me
I fought those wicked currents
That always left me broken down before
Voices thundered in my head
Memories struck down like lightnin’
But this ship outweathered every single storm
Love built me a boat, love built me a boat

Every thought of you raised my spirits like a sail
And always kept my back to the wind
Yeah your smile is the lighthouse lost sailors live for
You’re the safest of harbors
The softest place a castaway could land

I’m gettin’ used to solid ground
Holdin’ you here on this shoreline
I’m not worried if the tide pulls me back in
‘Cause I’m anchored by your sweet kiss
Every time I get to taste it
I know I’ll never sail alone again
Love built me a boat, love built me a boat

Love built me a boat to get to you


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