4 Bands With Secret Anonymous Members

The vast majority of bands out there want to be seen. Who wouldn’t? There’s nothing quite like the fame and adoration of fans. However, some bands choose to stay completely anonymous and take the extra step to perform costumed and masked. Let’s explore four different bands with anonymous members!

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1. The Armed

This band, unlike the rest on our list, hasn’t opted for masks and costumes to hide their identity. The Armed are a punk music collective from Detroit, and none of their members have been officially revealed. All we know is that Tony Wolski has represented the band in advertising efforts. And they’ve also collaborated with the likes of Chris Pennie, Urian Hackney, and other musicians. But to this day, nobody knows who the members of the band actually are.

2. Sleep Token

This wouldn’t be a list of bands with secret anonymous members without mentioning the rock band Sleep Token. Formed back in 2016, each member of Sleep Token has remained anonymous, costumed, and masked. Their music has been described as alt-metal, post-rock, and prog-rock, though defining them is quite a difficult task.

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3. Al Namrood

This Saudi Arabian black metal outfit was formed back in 2008. They didn’t hide their identities for artistic purposes, though. Their brand of music and imagery is very much illegal in Saudi Arabia. If they were to be caught, they could be arrested and punished with death. Still, the band has braved the potential ramifications of making black metal music in Saudi Arabia, and their existence is a great example of artistic resistance.

4. Dvar

This darkwave electronic outfit from Russia has been making music since the 1990s. Dvar is made up of two musicians, and nobody knows their real identities. They’ve crafted a fascinating backstory and mythos behind the characters of Dvar. The actual musicians remain anonymous. 

Photo by Adamrossi, courtesy of Sleep Token’s public Facebook page

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