4 Essential Oak Ridge Boys Deep Cuts That Every Fan Should Know

The Oak Ridge Boys have been together, albeit with a revolving door of former and current members, since the late 1940s. The country-gospel outfit has delivered countless hits through the years, from “Elvira” to “Bobbie Sue” to “American Made”. That being said, the band has released over 30 studio albums in the decades since they got together. There are so many underrated songs out there, and picking just a few to recommend isn’t easy. But we think you’ll love these four Oak Ridge Boys deep cuts!

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1. “Don’t Break The Code”

This 1986 deep cut comes from The Oak Ridge Boys’ album Seasons. The harmonies are right, the melody is catchy, and the lyrics are quite relatable. It’s surprising that this song wasn’t released as a single on the album.

2. “I Guess It Never Hurts To Hurt Sometimes”

The late great Randy VanWarmer wrote this little track for the 1984 album Deliver. It’s notably about the death of VanWarmer’s father, and it turned into one of The Oak Ridge Boys’ best ballads of their career. Joe Bonsall’s vocals on this song are notably emotional and passionate.

3. “Come On In”

The Oak Ridge Boys are known for splitting up the lead vocals among most of their hits fairly evenly. However, the 1979 hit song “Come On In” features each of the band members’ singing abilities beautifully, all in just one track. Nobody does melodies quite like The Oak Ridge Boys!

4. “Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight”

“Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight” was The Oak Ridge Boys’ very last single of the 1970s from their 1979 album The Oak Ridge Boys Have Arrived. The song was originally written by Rodney Crowell and Donivan Cowart, and performed by Emmylou Harris in 1978. However, The Oak Ridge Boys put their own unique spin on it, and it managed to hit no. 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

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