4 Famous Punk Bands That Only Released One Album

One-hit wonders are usually bands that have tried time after time to release a hit record, only to score 15 minutes of fame with a single release. These punk bands, however, earned legendary status with only one album in their discography. Let’s refresh your punk rock history knowledge and explore four famous punk bands that only released one single album before disbanding!

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1. Operation Ivy

These ska-punk legends helped bring the genre to a new level in the late 1980s. They inspired countless punk bands that followed, even today. And they did it all with only one album: the 1989 record Energy. Operation Ivy broke up that same year. They didn’t get much mainstream success with the album, but the band has since become a big part of punk history.

2. Germs

Germs’ breakup was traumatic in a number of ways, but their sole album has since become a staple in any self-respecting punk’s vinyl collection. Darby Crash and Pat Smear launched the group in 1976 and released (GI) in 1979, which was produced by none other than Joan Jett. However, it is worth noting that a number of EPs and live albums have since been released.

3. Minor Threat

Would this be a list of famous punk bands that only released one album without mentioning Minor Threat? These icons in punk history formed in 1980, released Out Of Step in 1983, and then promptly disbanded for good over disputes involving the direction of the band. The tracks “Look Back And Laugh” and “Betray” are essential listening.

4. Rites Of Spring

Some believe that Rites Of Spring was the first emo band. Others believe that they occupied an odd space between punk and proto-emo. Regardless of what you think, their roots were undeniably punk. They were only together for three years, during which they released their 1985 self-titled studio album. Several of the members went on to join Fugazi with Minor Threat’s Ian MacKaye.

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