4 of the Most Underrated Rock Guitarists of All Time

Rock music has produced some seriously legendary guitarists over the last few decades. And while many of those incredible musicians have gotten the fame they deserve, many don’t really get the recognition they deserve as impeccable guitar players. Let’s look at a few examples of the most underrated rock guitarists of all time!

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1. Neal Schon (Journey)

Neal Schon was basically a kid when he joined Santana in 1971 as their guitarist. He went on to form Journey with former members of other bands. He has a uniquely bluesy way of playing rock music that nobody else can really do. Schon should definitely be at the top of any list of the best underrated rock guitarists of all time.

2. Robby Krieger (The Doors)

When one thinks of The Doors, one thinks of Jim Morrison. His face is so closely connected to The Doors that many of the other members of the iconic rock band rarely get recognition. Robby Krieger is one example. Even keyboardist Ray Mazarek gets credit for being the musical foundation of the band, but Krieger rarely gets recognition for his sheer guitar-playing ability. Krieger was also the one to introduce different styles of music into The Doors. Give this man his flowers!

3. Nancy Wilson (Heart)

Nancy Wilson is at the “heart” of Heart, along with her vocally-gifted sister Ann Wilson. Wilson is one of the best female guitarists of all time, and she’s only gotten better as Heart has evolved, broken up, and gotten back together. Her key talent is her ability to deliver exceptional melodies with notable classical influences.

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4. Annie Clark (St. Vincent)

Annie Clark has won multiple Grammy awards for her work under the name St. Vincent. However, she definitely deserves more credit for how well she shreds. Her live shows are known for being stellar displays of her guitar-playing ability. Clark is great at control and distortion in a way that could be compared to Hendrix or Prince, so it’s shocking that she hasn’t been given even more attention for her guitar-playing chops.

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  1. If I may, how did Chicago’s original guitarist, Terry Kath NOT make this list?

    Talk about underrated and overlooked… Even Jimi Hendrix said he was a better guitarist, and his feedback famous National Anthem at Woodstock was 100% influenced by Kath’s “free form” style of play.

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