4 Songs You Didn’t Know Twins Phil and Tim Hanseroth Co-Wrote with Brandi Carlile

The Grammy Award-winning songwriting twins Phil and Tim Hanseroth have been Brandi Carlile’s secret weapon for years now. The two brothers, who grew up in Seattle, met Carlile at the London Bridge studio in the PNW in 1999.

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In fact, the twins, formerly in the band Fighting Machinists, are so integral to Carlile’s success that she said she regrets naming her band after herself. The three split their money evenly and Phil is married to Brandi’s sister, Tiffany.

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Below, however, we wanted to dive into some of their songwriting history. Yes, these are four songs fans likely didn’t know the twins Tim and Phil Hanseroth co-wrote with Brandi Carlile.

1. “The Mother”

Written by Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth, Phil Hanseroth

From Brandi Carlile’s acclaimed, multi-time Grammy Award-winning album, By the Way, I Forgive You, which was the record that essentially put her on the pop culture map in 2018, “The Mother” was one of the first songs Carlile put out before the album’s release. It is, of course, about motherhood, perhaps the most important thing on Earth. Carlile was a new mother around this time, to daughter Evangeline.

Welcome to the end of being alone inside your mind
You tethered to another, and you’re worried all the time
You always knew the melody, but you never heard it rhyme

She’s fair, and she is quiet, Lord, she doesn’t look like me
She made me love the morning, she’s a holiday at sea
The New York streets are as busy as they always used to be
But I am the mother of Evangeline

2. “Party of One”

Written by Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth, Phil Hanseroth

This is the final song on Carlile’s 2018 three-time Grammy Award-winning album, By the Way, I Forgive You. The video features former Mad Men actress, Elizabeth Moss. “Party of One” is about loneliness. The song was an early single release for the LP and Carlile later recorded a version with golden-voiced singer Sam Smith.

“Waiter, send this to the table, the party of one”
The only other lonely soul in this place
And so you’re finishing up your coffee, but then where you’re gonna run?
Where’d you get that look on your face?

You should always let the sun go down on your anger
Let it burn you to sleep
Bring it closer to danger, to surrender and retreat
Sing your sad soul to sleep

3. “Raise Hell”

Written by Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth, Phil Hanseroth

“Raise Hell” comes from Carlile’s fourth album, Bear Creek, which was released in 2012, half-a-dozen years before her world would change thanks to her 2018 record. “Raise Hell” is the second track on the record and fans can see how well Carlile and the Hanseroth twins work together in this live video below.

I’ve been down with a broken heart
Since the day I learned to speak
The devil gave me a crooked start
When he gave me crooked feet
But Gabriel done came to me
And kissed me in my sleep
And I’ll be singing like an angel
Until I’m six feet deep

4. “The Joke”

Written by Brandi Carlile, Tim Hanseroth, Phil Hanseroth, Dave Cobb

Perhaps Brandi Carlile’s most well-known and beloved song, “The Joke” was a late addition to Carlile’s 2018 album, By the Way, I Forgive You. The song is all about the fact that the joke—the real joke—is not on the ones laughed at but on the bullies who make others feel less than. The song included influences from the album’s co-producer Dave Cobb, who also received a writing credit.

You’re feeling nervous, aren’t you, boy?
With your quiet voice and impeccable style
Don’t ever let them steal your joy
And your gentle ways
To keep ’em from running wild

They can kick dirt in your face
Dress you down, and tell you that your place
Is in the middle, when they hate the way you shine

I see you tugging on your shirt
Trying to hide inside of it
And hide how much it hurts

Let ’em laugh while they can
Let ’em spin, let ’em scatter in the wind
I have been to the movies, I’ve seen how it ends
And the joke’s on them

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