5 Fearless Live Moments in Honor of Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister

Motörhead’s only mainstay member, Lemmy Kilmister, was the frontman of all frontmen. The spirit of the bass-wielding, lyric-snarling, mutton-chopped heavy metal cowboy will live on in rock and roll as long as there are guitars to shred and horns to raise.

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Here are 5 fearless live moments in memory of Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister who passed away seven years ago today.

1. Live with Metallica, 2009

Metallica’s James Hetfield passionately welcomes the “Godfather of Metal” onto the stage during one of the band’s live shows in 2009. The band rocked like it was the end of the world in front of their hero that night. Kilmister stole the spotlight, and rightfully so, as he thumped out a vicious bass line and choked out growling, dastardly lyrics.

2. StageFright, Dusseldorf, Germany, 2004

Hammering along with the firing drums, Kilmister is unshakable during “In the Name of Tragedy.” His garbled lyrics may sound mushy in his mouth, but translate crystal clear to the insatiable crowd. Loud, thundering, and fearless, nothing and no one could ever outshine or out-rock the legend.

3. Live, 1981

A young Kilmister croaks out the iconic Motörhead anthem, “Ace of Spades,” with a vengeance. With his chest puffed out and body hair on full display, his near bass-breaking onstage antics are pure rock and roll.

4. Live in Germany, 1979

Even flanked onstage by ferocious players, all eyes are on Kilmister during this 1979 performance of “Overkill” in “No Class.” Smoke stacks and blinding lights aside, Kilmister was the pyrotechnic element to Motörhead’s music.

5. “Kilmister Blues” Live

The sinister death-marching “Kilmister Blues” see the frontman’s skills on full display. His impassioned playing against a monstrous rock arrangement is the showpiece of an over-the-top, bad-to-the-bone blues anthem. His husky voice cuts through the wicked cacophony, punctuating a raucous moment of rock.

Photo by Midori Tsukagoshi/Shinko Music/Getty Images

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