5 of the Best Pop Diva Duets

Pop divas. We love them. Both their vocals and their star power are larger than life. They are enough on their own, but get two of them under one roof and the end result is something otherworldly. Find five of the best diva duets below.

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1. “When You Believe” (Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey)

Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey were both powerhouses in their own right in 1998. Prior to the release of “When You Believe,” the idea of putting them together might have seemed impossible. There had been widespread media speculation that the pair were at odds with one another, given their opposing stardom. The pair put the rumors to bed with this duet created for the DreamWorks animation, The Prince of Egypt.

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2. “The Boy Is Mine” (Brandy and Monica)

While many of the duets on this list see the singing partners bolstering one another, Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine” sees them in fierce competition. Few pop duets are as recognizable and memorable as this one.

3. “Telephone” (Beyoncé and Lady Gaga)

Beyoncé and Lady Gaga joined forces for “Telephone” in 2009, combining the ’00s pop scape with that of the 2010s. Beyoncé had long proven her worth in the music industry while Gaga was just getting started. It was the perfect baton pass from one established pop diva to a burgeoning one.

4. “Me Against the Music” (Madonna and Britney Spears)

Speaking of passing on the baton: Madonna and Britney Spears teamed up in 2003 for “Me Against the Music.” The song and its accompanying music video are dripping in sex appeal. Spears has a lot to thank Madonna for (almost every female pop singer today does) and she appropriately feted her legacy with this duet.

5. “Rain on Me” (Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande)

Lady Gaga earned another spot on this list for her duet with Ariana Grande in 2020, “Rain on Me.” Both artists have dominated the 2010’s pop space so it’s only right for them both to hop into the studio together. The end result is a new-age dance track that appeals to both vocalist’s respective styles.

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