Abi Carter’s Immediate—and “Different”—Plans After ‘American Idol’ Win Should Be Music to Fans’ Ears

On Sunday (May 19), season 22 of American Idol came to an end. When the smoke cleared and the votes were tallied, Abi Carter walked away with the win. After months with her eyes glued to that brass ring, it would be easy to believe that Carter hadn’t taken time to think about the future. Recently, though, she revealed that wasn’t the case.

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During an interview with People, the 21-year-old singer/songwriter reflected on her American Idol run and revealed what she plans to do next.

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Abi Carter Reveals What She Plans to Do After American Idol

First, Abi Carter reflected on the moment she learned that she won American Idol. “I can’t even express how amazing that was,” she proclaimed. Carter, who fell to her knees in tears after hearing the news added, “To be honest, they wouldn’t have gotten a better reaction. My default is just to cry, but I hope everyone knows it really is genuine. I think it was the most emotional day of my life, and yet, I feel so numb. It’s so interesting.”

Carter no doubt has a promising career ahead of her. However, right now, she’s going to take some time to breathe and take it all in. “I’m thinking about going home, taking a shower, maybe watching Friends. That’s going to help me sleep, she explained. “Then, get ready to fly to New York in the morning,” she added. She was scheduled to appear on LIVE with Kelly and Mark later in the week. She went on to say that she’s looking forward to getting back in the studio to record new music.

“I want to start releasing songs ASAP. I’ve been writing for so long now and I can’t wait to put something out in the world that I so fully believe in,” Carter said. “Not that the other ones that I’ve put out have not because they do, but I think it’ll be just a little bit different and I’m really excited for it.”

Carter has already released two singles to streaming platforms. She released her debut single “It’s All Love” in March, after the American Idol season was underway. She co-wrote the song with Annika Wells and Dan Gleyzer.

Then, on May 17, just two days before the Idol finale, Carter released her second song. She co-penned “This Isn’t Over” with Samuel Michael Shrieve.

It is currently unclear when Carter plans to release new music. However, when she does, she’ll find an army of fans waiting to hear it.

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