Adrian Gronseth Named Grand Prize Lyric Contest Winner For 2017 For His Song “Highway Sky”

Adrian Gronseth, a Los Angeles-based songwriter and musician, has won the Grand Prize for the 2017 American Songwriter Lyric Contest for his song “Highway Sky” (read the lyrics here).

Gronseth’s winning entry was selected from a pool of six songs. These six songs had each one first prize in various bi-monthly lyric contests from the period of November/December 2016 until November/December 2017.

As part of his prize package, Gronseth will enjoy a co-write with John Paul White and a demo recording session at Omni Sound Studios on Music Row. He also wins airfare to Nashville and a two-night stay in Music City at the Union Station Hotel.

“I wrote it [in the fall of 2016], during a creative spurt that birthed a batch of new songs,” Gronseth said of his winning entry. “It started with the opening lines and a simple harmonica melody, and once I wrote the first verse, the rest of it flowed pretty easy. But it had been gestating for a long time, several years actually, and I needed to clock certain miles on the odometer before putting it down.”

Read Gronseth’s full Q&A from July here

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