Album Premiere: Joseph Childress, The Rebirths

Self-recorded seven years ago in the bathroom of Joseph Childress’ childhood home in the mountains of Colorado, The Rebirths provides the perfect soundtrack to daydreams of a nomadic life, a life which Childress is no stranger to. He spent more than a year traveling across the country playing shows, hitching rides on freight trains and living out of a car. It was during this period that he wrote the 10 tracks that make up The Rebirths, the fan-chosen title of his debut LP.

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“It wasn’t recorded with the expectation that it would be officially released. It was recorded simply to share my songs and experiences with my family, friends, and the handful of people who attended my performances,” says Childress. “Every CDR I handed out had a hand drawing on it.”

While the artwork on this issue of the album won’t be quite as personal, Childress is still excited about the release. “The record documents the beginning of my musical life, and I feel honored and very grateful that Empty Cellar thought it was worthy enough to be remixed, mastered and printed so beautifully.”

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