Album Premiere: The Revelers, Swamp Pop Volume 2 EP

Photo by Sandlin Gaither
Photo by Sandlin Gaither

Louisiana has many rich musical traditions, including Cajun and Zydeco. Another variation, swamp pop, is popular among locals but hasn’t reached the same level of mainstream success as its more popular musical cousins. Southwest Louisiana outfit the Revelers is hoping to spread the swamp pop gospel with a series of EPs, the most recent of which being Swamp Pop Volume 2.

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Of the project, the band says:

“For our second Swamp Pop collection, we’re once again paying homage to our heroes from southwest Louisiana by carrying the swamp pop torch and preaching its merits to all who have ears. Outside of Louisiana, swamp pop hasn’t gotten the recognition that Cajun or Zydeco music might receive, but within our region, it’s still featured on radio and continues to bring listeners and dancers out to the clubs where it is performed live. Our goal with this EP is to continue to spread the unique music and culture that we are so proud of.”

Listen to Swamp Pop Volume 2 below.

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