Back when Tammy Wynette's bus caught on fire, these essential items were salvaged first

When you look back on classic Tammy Wynette performances like this one, it’s hard not to be fascinated with that big hair. Like a true country diva, Tammy’s hair was “jacked to Jesus” all through the ’60s and ’70s, but a new book reveals she didn’t spend that much time in the chair at the beauty shop.

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That’s right. Tammy was a big fan of wearing wigs. Her former hairstylist, Nanette England, opened up about Tammy’s hair pieces in the new book, “Country Music Hair,” available now.

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The wigs came in handy when Tammy was on the road playing shows in different cities night after night.

“I’d have about 10 or 15 wigs, I’d fix them all,” Nanette says. “We’d go on the road, and then I would put a wig on her head. That was it. How hard was my job? It was just easy. Tammy was so easy. She always had a wig on. It was never her hair. Never.”

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Since Tammy’s natural hair was “baby fine,” Nanette says it would have never held up through one of her concerts. That’s why a fire on Tammy’s bus one day nearly wrecked their entire tour. They were traveling through Waco, Texas when the coach went up in flames.

Nanette recalls, “I was like, ‘OK, get under that bus and get the wigs and costumes out.’ I was directing traffic.”

Thankfully, Nanette and the crew salvaged Tammy’s wigs and the show went on as planned.

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