Alvarez Blues 51 & Delta OO Deluxe Guitars


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Alvarez Delta OO
Blues51TSB front
Alvarez Blues 51
  Alvarez announces their new genre specific guitars, the Blues 51 and the Delta OO. Designed and crafted specifically to capture the sound of classic blues guitars of the early 1900s, the models will appeal to any fan of blues and roots music. “Guitars in the early 20th century had a tone and texture that defined the sound of early American Folk and Blues,” Said Chris Meikle, Head of Development at Alvarez and Senior Vice President of St. Louis Music. “We know blues is a huge part of any guitarist’s education and palate, and with the Blues 51 and Delta OO we’re recreating those classic tones with added response and projection. The Blues 51 and Delta OO are vintage guitars all the way, featuring an arched rosewood back, V profile necks, back-shifted bracing, wider finger spacing, classic bridge designs and traditional “teardrop” sunbursts. Both are available as acoustic electrics and sound great plugged in with the new LR Baggs VTC systems.   {Pictured: Alvarez Blues 51, Delta OO}

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