American Songwriter 2023 Song Contest Top 25 Announced

American Songwriter is excited to announce the official 2023 Song Contest Top 25. Congratulations to all of these talented artists & songwriters listed below for this incredible accomplishment.

All of these songs are currently being reviewed by our official judge panel and we hope to announce the overall winners as soon as we can. In the meantime, enjoy listening to these outstanding songs. 

Please Note: Top 25 are sorted alphabetically by Song Title.

“Ain’t My First Rodeo” By India Ramey

“All My Exes’ Moms” By Brooke Greenberg, Will Jay, Jxndren, De’La

“Another Kind of Love” By Madilyn Paige, Aaron Kellim, Jay Denton, Ariel Lask

“Billy” By Daniel Herr

“Boulder” By Matt Jordan, Jarrett Hartness, Dustin Herring

“Comeback Kid” By Joey Hendricks, Andy Albert, Zach Abend

“Confuse My Love” By Katie James, Gomey (Michael Gomes)

“Drama” By Leshaun Nash

“Drunk In Paris” By Connor Pledger

“Fight for This” By Ryan Innes, Tim Myers

“i was a virgin (on drugs)” By Halo Kitsch

“I’m not in love with you” By Lydia Frutig, Alex Nobile, Nate Sander, Wesley Henry

“If I Die Today” By Brett Matthews, Classified

“Joy In The Battle” By Major Johnson Finley, Joaquin Bynum

“London’s Song” By Matthew Hartke

“Matador” By Micah Smith, Nadia Vaeh

“Meet me at the record store” By Pa Sheehy, Chris Breheny, Antoinne Cotton

“No Mud No Lotus” By Bob Sima

“Permanent Resident” By Skyler Mayes

“pink moon spring” By Belle Shea

“Sad Bird Still Sings” By Eloise Alterman, Dan Henig

“Stardust” By Meg McRee

“Suwannee County” By Burton Collins, Andrew Combs

“We’ll Figure it Out” By Jennifer Fiedler, Trey Smith, Adam Wood, Emily Landis

“What’s It All Mean?” By Christian Gates-Bahlhorn

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