American Songwriter 2023 Song Contest Semi-Finalists Announced

American Songwriter is excited to announce the Official 2023 Song Contest Semi-Finalists. Congrats to all of these talented songwriters listed below.

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing the Official Finalists, the Top 25 Songs and the Overall Winners + Category Winners from the contest. Stay tuned for those announcements.

Please Note: Semi-Finalists are sorted alphabetically by Song Title.


“27” By Gabrielle Leigh Neeley

“Act Your Age” By Kayliann Lowe and Skylar Springer

“Ain’t My First Rodeo” By India Ramey

“Akimbo Boogie” By Jon Bindley

“Alexandria” By Ethan Spitalney, Dae Wylder

“Alice & I” By Jordan Johnson, Aditi Veena, Solomon Crook

“Alive” By Ceri Earle, Ava Paige

“All My Exes’ Moms” By Brooke Greenberg, Will Jay, Jxndren, De’La

“Angry Phase” By Madeline Harris, Dillon Raley

“Another Kind of Love” By Madilyn Paige, Aaron Kellim, Jay Denton, Ariel Lask

“Anybody Else” By Tiffany Johnson, Leighton Weber

“Arcadian” By Shane Anderson

“Back on the Road” By Billy Stonecipher

“Back To The Beginning” By Rachel Lieberman

“Bad For You” By Madeleine Anderson, Jeff Anderson, Karleen Watt

“Baseline” By Caroline Dare, Cam Becker, Anna Hamilton

“Be a Ghost” By Lila Holler

“Before I Do” By Tolan Shaw, Sean Trainor, Jake Ohlbaum

“Better Days” By Simon Burke

“Better off Blue” By Jesse Felder, Kris Crepeau, Braeden Berry

“Billy” By Daniel Herr

“Black Market Bubblegum” By Ilja Amnell, Mikko Ahokas, Oliver Henriksson, Mikael Tujula, Pekka Pirinen

“Blame Me” By Dakota Cohen

“Blind” By Alexis Cunningham

“Bloodstream” By Maura Streppa, Jesse Dozzi, Sadie Campbell

“Blue collar ain’t easy” By Todd Cochran

“Body” By Alex Smirneos, Sean Donehue

“Body Alarms” By Sara Snyder, Jake Bennett, Alex Venegas, Devesh Dayal

“bop it” By Shelby Benjamin

“Boulder” By Matt Jordan, Jarrett Hartness, Dustin Herring

“Bright” By Bryce Weston, Chris Schreck

“Bright Lights” By Kyle Costal

“Cardinal” By Audrey Broussard

“Changes” By Verlin Alsina

“Chicago” By Daphne Browdy, Megan Redmond, Dave Thomas Junior

“Coastline” By Mel Scheiber, blackbird.

“Cold Lady” By Shawn Fay, Anthony Zollo, Ryan Veneziale

“Come On Over” By Lindsay Shahzade

“Comeback Kid” By Joey Hendricks, Andy Albert, Zach Abend

“Confuse My Love” By Katie James, Gomey (Michael Gomes)

“Corner” By Michaela Stein

“Dancer” By Charlie Brennan, Delaney Ramsdell

“Dancing On Kelvin Way” By Alex Wayt

“DANDELION WINE” By Sandra DeVault

“Dating Isn’t Fun” By Sade Frame, Kayliann Lowe, Jordan Sapp

“Daughter’s Song/Father’s Song” By Miranda Archbold

“Dear World” By Savannah Brister, DJ Pruitt

“Dearly Loved” By Shaylee Simeone, Ethan Hulse, Luke Brown

“Déjate Caer” By Isis Cruz

“Didn’t Love Me” By Eliza Harrison Smith, Willow Zhu, Korie Burton Rott

“Don’t stop moving” By Dalton Day, Dylan Rourke, Joe Moralez

“Don’t you have to go?” By Jonny West

“down to size” By Andie Mechanic

“Drama” By Leshaun Nash

“Dream Street” By Ariana Gillis, David Gillis

“Drunk and Emotional” By Struan Shields, Bethia Ward, Morten Jepsen

“Drunk In Paris” By Connor Pledger

“Dugouts and Church Pews” By Andrea Brodeur, Carin Fradin

“Earhart” By David Platillero, Sophia James, Maddie Zahm

“Ego” By Ava Della Pietra

“everyday” By Noel Chambers, Ryce, Chevy

“Fairfield” By Ada Pasternak

“Feels Like” By Shaylee Simeone, Kenny Davis

“Fever” By Viktoria Reitan, Vincent Stefansson

“Fight for This” By Ryan Innes, Tim Myers

“FIRES” By Nat Littier

“Fixer Upper” By Taylor Vencill

“Flee Steppa” By Jamal Hall

“Flowers Can’t Fix” By Chancie Neal

“For Such A Time As This” By Amanda Nolan, Kayliann Lowe, Doug Lowe

“Free” By Tony Salomone

“Freedom Is My Anthem” By Jack Shocklee, Rebecca Shocklee

“Friend Like You” By Kolby Knickerbocker

“Gallery Wall” By Emma Seslowsky

“GAS MONEY” By Sandra DeVault, Jason Duke, James Donnelly

“Get it Going” By Tia P, John Buchanan

“Get Lost” By Lilly Hart

“Giddens – Dreaming’ Big” By Edgar Peters

“Glass Train” By April Mitchell and Jessica Gallo

“Glimmer Eyes” By Evan Crommett

“God of the Wilderness” By Shaylee Simeone

“God Who Sees Me” By Jon Myles, Amanda Hammett

“Going Steady” By Dustin Moreau

“Gold” By Emily Anderson

“Golden State of Mind” By Warren Sellers, Tolan Shaw

“Good Things Never Stay” By Connor Austin

“Goodbye Lucille” By Spencer Mackenzie and Richard Mackenzie

“Goodbye Who I Was” By Connor Pledger

“Gottem” By Luke Oh

“Grace” By Joel Ansett, Dan DeCristofaro

“Gravedigger” By Dusty Stephensen

“Gravity” By Grace Bello

“Happy Pills” By Sasha Landon

“Hard to be happy” By Jake Melles

“Hard Working Man” By Trent Beaver

“Heartless Parade” By Alan Carpenter

“Hey!” By Daniel Read

“hiraeth” By Chelsea Gilliland

“HOLD PLEASE” By Ella Collier, Sam Vendig

“Home In My Home Town” By Jude Toy, Josh Ronen, Bill Diluigi

“Honey” By Joe Marson

“Hourglass” By Kendall Renee

“House By The River” By Sarah Vitort, Scott Gilmore, Greg Holden

“House We Share” By Chance Emerson

“Houses, Hearts & Hope” By Brianna Nelson

“Human” By Sarah Johansen, Patrick Thomsen, Lucas Hjøllund

“I Know Better” By Abigail Maddock

“I Miss You” By Abigail Fierce

“I think I like it” By Daniel Read

“i was a virgin (on drugs)” By Halo Kitsch

“I’m not in love with you” By Lydia Frutig, Alex Nobile, Nate Sander, Wesley Henry

“If a tree falls in love with a river” By Lau Noah

“If I Die Today” By Brett Matthews, Classified

“Imitation” By Paige Penney, Keith Power, Kirk Penney

“In a Heartbeat” By Lauren Carr Reed, Spencer Carr Reed 

“Into the Sun” By Deepfall

“It Takes Time” By Hugh Macdonald

“Josephines Lament” By Patrick Wieland, Mika Bajenski

“Joy In The Battle” By Major Johnson Finley, Joaquin Bynum

“Just For Today” By Mehdi Parisot, Samuel Jacob Raggio

“Kansas” By Fran Litterski, Cole Miracle and Ashlyn Ruder

“Keep your light shining” By Patrick Wieland

“Keeper of My Soul (Psalm 121)” By George Koehl, Carrie Hardcastle, Davy Flowers, Laela Dasher

“Kids in a Castle” By Jake Wildhorn

“Kingdom” By Jacquelyn Owens

“klose the door” By Annie Omalley

“Lady Lady” By Molly Zeytoonian

“London’s Song” By Matthew Hartke

“Long Distance Anthem” By Dominic Cannarella, Eric McCoy, Max Meizlish, Maria Landi

“Look What God Has Done” By Harley Rowell, Baily Hager, Sharon Byrd

“Loser” By Alexander Thompson-Tournier

“Lost in the City” By Jordan Johnson, Solomon Crook

“Love and Mercy” By Sam Graf

“Love is an Ocean” By Dante La Serna

“Love is Gonna Get You Again” By Taylor Van Cleave

“Love of A Good Man” By Cassidi Hesdon, Cara Anderton, Trannie Anderson, Dallas Wilson

“Lovin A Hero” By Caydence Andre

“Luchando por tus sueños (Fighting for your dreams)” By Jorge Solorio Garcia

“Macbeth” By Cozi Zuehlsdorff

“Mad” By Julia Perillo, Luca Perillo

“Made For Loving” By Georgia Lines

“Magical” By Valerio Pompei

“Makeup Run” By Robyn Troup, John Buchanan

“Making Monsters” By Bryn McCutcheon, Kirstyn Johnson, Matthew Fudge, Andrew Dawson

“Man Down” By Jordon Baker

“Man on a Wire” By Jake Wildhorn

“Man Up” By Austin Willacy, Patricia Bahia and Caley Rose

“Margot” By Sala Elassir

“Masochist” By Sophie Levine, Michael Blum, Michelle Ray

“Matador” By Micah Smith, Nadia Vaeh

“May Flowers” By Charlie Brennan, Theo Kandel

“Maybe” By Zack Horton

“Meanwhile in America” By Emilie Hamilton, Alisha Hamilton, Kyle Jacobs, Vicky Mcgeehe

“Medicine” By Gracie Santana

“Meet me at the record store” By Pa Sheehy, Chris Breheny, Antoinne Cotton

“Meet You At The Light” By Desirée Dawson, Francis Arevalo, Olivia Quan

“Mess” By Amelie Siller

“Moments We Steal” By Seb Szabo

“Monday Morning” By Tommy Florio

“Monopoly” By Mikee Carpinter

“Mud in the water” By Caleb Malooley

“Multiplicity” By Jessie Thoreson

“My Strength is Gone” By Solomon Brown

“My Stripes” By Ashton Bergdorf

“NEED to SAY” By Noa Rangel, Christina Chirumbolo

“New York” By Elli Rowe

“No boy is worth my tears” By Ana Kodra

“No Mud No Lotus” By Bob Sima

“No One At The Opry (But You and Me)” By Clint Wells

“North Dakota” By Roger Weeks, Alex Reid

“Obvious” By Jake Melles

“OH GOD” By Lily Hain

“Old Flame” By Regan Rousseau, Nicole Beaubien, Alyssa Newton

“Old Soul” By Allie Dunn 

“Old Spanish Moss” By Matt Harlan

“One Girl” By Missy Lancaster, Josh Kerr, Jacob Davis

“Out of the Dark” By Alexis Scatena, Garrett Raffanelli

“Paris” By Phoebe Katis

“Permanent Resident” By Skyler Mayes

“Person That You Need” By Jenny Baker, Maria Landi, Davin Kingston

“Picking Up After You” By Gary Wayne Robbins

“pink moon spring” By Belle Shea

“Power Play” By Sara Copelan

“president” By Nuria Martínez Nouvilas

“Prodigals” By Kyle Lucas

“Psycho Saloon” By Tanner Bishop

“Rail Train Blues” By Mike Stocksdale

“Red Tape” By Sarah Keyser

“Redemption Road” By Rich Deans

“Remember You” By Aaron Konzelman

“Rendezvous” By Dylan Edmunds

“Roanoke” By Vincent Lavagna

“Round Hole” By Rebecca Brunner, Tyler Ward, Dennis Cook, Matthew Urgo

“Run for Our Whole Lives” By Danny Ritz

“Sad Bird Still Sings” By Eloise Alterman, Dan Henig

“Saline” By Lydia Luce

“SAY SORRY!” By Kayden Hernandez

“Second Chances” By Reuben Antolin, Melanie Jo

“Selfish” By Zoe Jordan

“Selfishly Indulgent” By Georgia Parker

“Serious Craving” By Noel Cohen, Michael Mcallister, Julie Hardy

“She / Her / Hers” By Edward Nguyen

“Shine” By Ricky Duran, Eric Paslay

“Smokescreen” By James Howard, Adam Hepner, Justin Jacobs

“So soon” By Davis Roe

“Sober” By Maddie Lenhart, Aubrey Toone, Sam Blasko

“Soldier in a Frame” By Aaron Simmons

“Somebody’s Somebody” By Ashley Kacmarcik

“Someone, please come help” By Dylan Stiles, Zachary Munn

“Something” By Will Fox

“Something Again” By Rebecca Tobaly, Andy Schmidt

“South Dakota Sky” By Matt Rogers

“Spotlight” By Spencer Dalton, Preston Dalton

“Stardust” By Meg McRee

“Starting Over” By Josh Polack

“Stranger Not Mine” By Tamsin Lancaster, Nick Zaharias

“Suave” By Brandon Pacini

“Suburbs” By Miranda Fling

“Suffocate” By Ryan MacDonald, Nicholas MacDonald, Jay Savage, Kevin Hereema, Derek Hoffman

“Suicide Butterflies” By Claudia Mills

“Summer Place” By Avrim Topel, David Hill, Jeffrey East

“Suwannee County” By Burton Collins, Andrew Combs

“Sweet Talker” By Kaiya Gamble, Spencer Cheyne, Justin Kudding

“Symptomatic Daydream” By Carlyle Griffin

“Talk It Out” By Ava Della Pietra

“The Devil” By Jessica Mazin

“The Devil, The Dealer, and Me” By Brooke Stevens, Vinnie Paolizzi

“The Fence” By Josh Adams

“The Man You See” By Kevin Kilberry, Jon Rappa

“The Right Reasons” By Carla Geneve

“The Surface” By Taras Ivasyuk, Jarred Popp

“The Thrill of Almost” By Luke McMahon

“Till that day” By Emma Nissen

“Tin Roof” By Alex Barnes, Mo Tedder, TJ Simpson

“Tough Love” By Michael Washington

“TOXIC ENERGY” By Mattia Di Paolo

“Tragic” By Spencer Dalton, Preston Dalton

“True Love” By Gus Jeffers

“twenty one” By Cate Tomlinson

“Undefined” By Aaron Yealdhall

“Untouchable You” By Lillian Bedard

“Van Gogh” By Ashlyn Wolfe

“Van Gogh” By David Shelby

“Vanilla” By Meghan Chen

“W.O.W.” By Lamar Riddick

“Wait On You” By Brittany Kennell, Patricia Conroy, Dave Thomson

“Walking Through Your Memory” By Derek James, Carin Fradin

“Want to float” By Ted Alder

“Watch Me Fall” By John Griffin

“Way Out” By Alex Wolfe, Caleb Harris, Julio Bonfante, Matt Slack, Shawn Rieke

“We’ll Figure it Out” By Jennifer Fiedler, Trey Smith, Adam Wood, Emily Landis

“We’ve Had Our Fill” By John Anderson

“Weight of it All” By Jesse Hamble

“What A Shame” By Struan Shields, JohnLuke Lewis

“What Do I Wear To A Breakup” By Saylor Brasseaux, Emily O’ Neal, Toni Clare

“What’s It All Mean?” By Christian Gates-Bahlhorn

“Whatever” By Cassie Henderson, Joe Farris

“Where This Goes” By Matthew Hough

“Whippoorwill” By Melissa Fuller, Kim Richey

“Whisper” By Asher Hinton, Lars Jensen

“Wild Edges” By Sean Costanza

“Wildfire” By Eli Ward

“Wildflower” By Zachary Zwelling

“With You” By Mauricio Jimenez

“With You” By Sarah Atkinson, Mo Kenney

“Won’t Be Around” By Larry D. Robertson, Bobby Cole and Terry Blade

“Worth It Soon” By Lila Holler

“Worthy” By Raphael Shapiro

“XOXO” By Brian Groux

“Yahweh (Psalm 84)” By George Koehl, Adam Westlake, Britton Hardcastle, Carrie Hardcastle, Laela Dasher, Mac Hays, Max Dasher

“YELLOW” By RJ Scott

“Yellow year” By Emmy Castner

“Yesterday” By J.R. Visconti

“You Are” By Trey Calloway

“You Get Me Gone” By Abigail Maddock

“You Linger” By Lauren Balthrop

“You’re Gonna Be Your Mama” By Jessee Lee, David Lee

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  1. I would’ve to have my songs on here. Starting out with one that has been waiting for so long and my first song. How do I enter and stay on top of the game?

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