Anna Ternheim: The Night Visitor

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Anna Ternheim
The Night Visitor
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Swedish singer/songwriting thrush Ternheim found a sympathetic and synergistic musical partner in producer/musician Matt Sweeney who shifted the duo’s location from New York to Nashville for the recording of this sumptuous set. The shimmering, spacious production of the generally stripped down acoustic finger-picked guitars and mandolins is enhanced by hints of percussion, mournful cellos and Ternheim’s sweet and salty, ever so slightly reverbed voice wrapped around introspective lyrics of lost, found, requited and unrequited love. Listening with headphones helps the experience because you can focus on the subtly interlocking parts. Even if there is a surfeit of words, the gushing sonic beauty of the production and Ternheim’s fascinating combination of classic UK and US folk makes this a keeper and Ternheim’s finest release.


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