Behind the Meaning of Elle King’s Irreverent “Baby Daddy’s Weekend”

Elle King has no shortage of rousing party anthems. Part of the draw for her fans is her ability to be charmingly irreverent. Her latest release, “Baby Daddy’s Weekend,” sees her not only take advantage of her momentary freedom, but is also a clap back at her naysayers. Check out the meaning behind this track, below.

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Behind the Meaning of Elle King’s “Baby Daddy’s Weekend”

Straight drippin’, chain ciggin’
We ain’t trippin’ ’cause you know we stay sippin’
Missbehavin’, legs shaven
I don’t really need a man, I’m just sayin’

King has written songs about how “Lucky” she feels to be a mother, but all moms need a break every now and then. That’s the onus behind “Baby Daddy’s Weekend.” In the first half of the song, King sings about gearing up for a weekend full of partying. I don’t really need a man, I’m just sayin’, she sings.

It’s my baby daddy’s weekend (Yo)
I ain’t leavin’ (Oh)
Is we drunk yet? (No)
It ain’t even

“I’ve been lucky enough to have lived, loved, and partied with the best of them,” King said in a press statement. “I’ve written songs for every era of my good times. My new song is for the people who deserve a good summer.

“It’s for people who need a break from their kids but miss them when they aren’t around,” she continued. “It’s for the people working two jobs, the people who never get to put themselves first! It’s a song for all the people who make this world go round. Life isn’t always fun and games, but when it is, it’s my ‘Baby Daddy’s Weekend.'”

My songs on the radio, turn it up, raise a cup
You think you feel it, but not yet
My swag, you think it’s stolen
Why you mad? I wrote it

While most of this song is about King living in the moment when she can, she takes a moment to (seemingly) call out her naysayers. King has been making the shift from rock/pop over to country for the last couple of years. There have been some who deem her new sonic direction to not be genuine. King gets the last word on that matter in the lines above.

Check out “Baby Daddy’s Weekend,” below.

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