Leah Belle Faser Takes Her Next Steps On “Better Than Mine”

From an early age, children are often asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Many spend nearly a lifetime dancing around such a question never to arrive at an answer. This, however, is not the case for Atlanta-based, budding singer-songwriter, Leah Belle Faser.

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At merely seven years old, Faser began passionately writing songs and dreaming of the day she might stand in front of the world to share them. Following eight formative years of fine-tuning and dedication to her craft, that day has finally come. American Songwriter is proud to exclusively premiere “Better than Mine,” the introductory single from Faser’s forthcoming debut EP, Crossing Hermi’s Bridge, set to independently release on October 16th, 2020.

End it with grace is something I was taught by my parents,” Faser told American Songwriter. “If you’re going to get into an argument or a breakup with somebody, always make sure everyone walks away okay.”

“Better than Mine,” Recorded by Grammy Award-winning producer, Casey Wood, is a touching breakup ballad in which Faser exposes the injustice that follows young love’s demise. “For better or worse, I took my parent’s advice,” Faser recalls, “not really knowing that, sometimes, you’re the one who ends up feeling bad, despite your efforts at grace. ‘Better than Mine’ looks into that. It’s about that vaguely disappointing realization of having meant less to a person, with whom you were ending it, than they meant to you.”

I said I wish you the best / but I didn’t know that would mean you’d be doin’ just fine / without me in your life / a new girl every night / I guess your best is better than mine

Featuring infectious melodies and relatable diary-like lyricism, the single bears a striking resemblance to the songwriting of early TaylorSwift and will undoubtedly act as fifteen-year-old Faser’s foot in the door to the country music industry. “At my age, I don’t have as much life experience as other writers,” she admits. “I have to write about what I know whether it is an experience I’ve actually had in the past or a fear I have about the future. I write about simple things in a simple way, that allows room for listeners to reflect on their own life experiences.”

Faser is scheduled to open for fellow Atlanta artist, Mark Miller, on October 17th at the distinguished Eddie’s Attic – a rite of passage amongst touring songwriters. Tickets for two showtimes at 7:00pm and 9:15pm are now available here.

Check out “Better Than Mine,” the first single from Faser’s freshman record, Crossing Hermi’s Bridge, below.

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