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Dylan_Xmas2We don’t know what got into Bob Dylan’s eggnog, but we hope he keeps drinking it.

Last month, Dylan revealed the whacky video for “Must Be Santa,” in which he frames his poker face with a long blonde wig. Now, Dylan has dropped a second video from his Christmas In The Heart album, this time for his rheumy take on the old chestnut, “Little Drummer Boy.”

The video is an animated wonderland, featuring rotoscoped versions of vintage movies and home videos, created by artist Jeff Scher. You can watch it here at, where you can also make a donation to help fight hunger. What’s more seasonal than that?

In a recent interview with Bill Flanagan, the legendary singer/songwriter explains how and why Christmas In The Heart came to be.

BILL FLANAGAN: Is recording a Christmas album something you’ve had on your mind for a while?

BOB DYLAN: Yeah, every so often it has crossed my mind. The idea was first brought to me by Walter Yetnikoff, back when he was President of Columbia Records.

BF: Did you take him seriously?

BD: Well, sure I took him seriously.

Read the full thing here.

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