Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with AVAION

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We had the pleasure of interviewing AVAION over Zoom video!

German multi-instrumentalist and composer AVAION has been making waves in recent months with his hypnotizing sound, combining futuristic basslinesuplifting beatsself-played instruments and melancholic vocal rap to create his undoubtedly unique writing styleAVAION’s music is deepintense and danceable at the same time, a fusion that clearly resonates with his growing fanbase, as highlighted by his latest works.

AVAION’s last single, ‘Pieces’, took the electronic music world by storm, amassing over 5.4 million audio streams and 2.5 million views upon its release, achieving Gold status in South Africa and placing in charts the world over, showcasing the global appeal of his distinct brand of electronic music. Previous single ‘Fucked Up’ also performed well, racking up 1.2 million streams on Spotify alone.

As a multi-instrumentalistAVAION has been treating fans to a number of live performances of recent material, simultaneously showcasing his musicianship and ability to blur the lines between the synthesized and acoustic space. With new single ‘She Dance’ on the horizon, the sky is the limit for this burgeoning talent, as he continues to dazzle and impress in equal measure with his exceptional take on fresh modern sounds.

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