Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Hamish

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Hamish over Zoom video!

Hamish is the artistic counterpart to guitarist and songwriter Matthew Benthall. With producer Trey Kams at the helm, the   two friends created an entity built on musical stylistic experiments that pull from each of their respective influences. Hamish is a blend of uncanny sounds derived from hip-hop, R&B and dance with elements of jazz, indie and lo-fi. Matt’s writing confronts his identity, his artistic place amongst the American zeitgeist as both an immigrant and a child of two nationalities, and his relationships with love and infatuation.

Hamish is an Alternative/Indie artist based in Los Angeles, and the artistic counterpart to guitarist and songwriter  Matthew Benthall. Shortly after moving to Texas from the Middle East, he picked up the guitar, started playing in bands, and began to pursue music from the age of 12. Matt attended college primarily for guitar performance; between classes, an identity crisis, and gigs on a weekly basis, he was unable to fully navigate his beginnings with songwriting.  Matt dropped out and moved to the west coast to pursue a live performance career as a guitarist. 

In the wake of the COVID  pandemic, he pivoted his pursuits, with all gigs on hold he turned into his own writings and recordings. Without realizing his own departure primarily as an instrumentalist, Hamish created a sound built on musical stylistic experiments that pull from a range of influences, displaying a fresh approach to the new age of genre bending. Drawing from past experiences, Hamish shares his confrontations with love and infatuation, as well as his own identity as both an immigrant and child of two nationalities. He creates a space where comfortability and exploration can be achieved simultaneously. With each song, Hamish showcases his ability to create a beautiful contrast between a spectrum of concepts, sounds and emotions.

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