Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Mimoza

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Mimoza over Zoom video!

Pop singer and songwriter Mimoza is known for her explosive anthems and utterly infectious songwriting. Her most recent anthem is the hit single “Kings & Queens” by Ava Max, which impressively went platinum in twelve different countries. It also reached No. 1 on U.S. Pop iTunes and became Ava’s first No. 1 on the U.S. Airplay Charts! This success isn’t just a coincidence. In fact, Mimoza has proven herself over and over again ever since the age of 17 when she first debuted her writing skills on a record that went straight to No. 1 in Japan (“One In A Million” by Yamashita Tomohisha), penned the Spanish hit “Who’s Loving You” by Auryn ft Anastacia, and wrote and recorded “Anyway” (by Tyron Hapi ft. Mimoza), which went platinum in Australia.

After years of writing hits for other artists and receiving gold and platinum plaques, Mimoza is ready to focus further on her solo music. In 2017, she released her debut single “Big Girls Cry”. With honesty and confidence, Mimoza showed us all that vulnerability is the. fastest route to healing in this electronic- dipped rich pop track. A year later, the prolific songwriter released the ultimate pop anthem “Love For Days”, which featured powerful vocals, punchy rhythms and cinematic soundscapes.

Based in Los Angeles, the multi-talented artist calls many places of the world her home. Born in Kosovo, Based Mimoza. and her family fled the war-torn country moving to Sweden as refugees to seek asylum. She spent her teenage years in Germany and started writing songs at the age of 12. Despite growing up in Sweden and Germany and now living in the United States, Mimoza never forgot her roots. “I’m so proud of Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha, Rita Ora and Ava Max, they’re all Albanian pop queens.” Ladies and gentlemen, Mimoza is next.

Mimoza returns with “Young Queen” – a personal record written as a love letter to her home country, Kosovo, and her Albanian roots. Paying tribute to her mother and all moms who raise their daughters to see themselves as ‘young queens,’ the song oozes with passion and determination.

Through honest and passionate lyrics, it’s a powerful pop anthem and meaningful record, showcasing everything Through that the songwriter represents – strength, vulnerability and quality. Mimoza’s confidence and passion are infectious. Sonically “Young Queen” bursts with soulful vocal tones, highlighting Mimoza’s impressive range, while dynamic percussion elements and big, bold instrumentation create the ultimate emotional release. release. “Young Queen” is pop at its finest, serving us rich vocals and deep lyrics that will move your heart and stay there.

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