Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Psychosexual

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Jeremy Spencer of Psychosexual over Zoom video! 

Psychosexual not only speaks to our basest desires, but it also brings them to life. Assuming the role of “Devil Daddy,” flanked by beautiful women, and ready to rule in Hell, frontman and mastermind Jeremy Spencer gives concrete form to lust with the first-ever multimedia hard rock band and experience. (Think Rob Zombie scoring The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and you’re halfway there!) Spencer builds upon an unbelievable foundation. He logged nearly 15 years as drummer and co-founder of perennial metal hitmaker the multi-platinum stadium-filling global hard rock leaders Five Finger Death Punch and authored his memoir Death Punch’d – Surviving Five Finger Death Punch’s Metal Mayhem, which is the New York Times Celebrity Best Seller.

Psychosexual features Crucifier (guitar), Astaroth (bass), and Volac (drums), alongside Devil Daddy’s haunting vocals — in a character-driven and visually arresting tour de force. The group sparked interest with its  blend of dark humor, camp, and goth and with songs such as “Let The Sin Begin,” “Torch The Faith,” and “Baby On Fire” from their debut opus Torch The Faith, which quietly charted on multiple charts upon release in Spring of 2020. Spencer chose the independent route for the debut, releasing it on his own label 6ex Records.

Psychosexual’s second album Unholy Hymns For The Children is due out in 2021. Never one to rest on his laurels creatively, Spencer released a series of ’80s-inspired new wave originals in early 2019 as a precursor to the band — including some arresting and entertaining videos, like the stunning and sultry remake of Type O Negative’s “Love You To Death.”

Spencer says, “I’ve been such a fan of so many types of music from David Bowie to Devo to black metal bands. Psychosexual really is the outlet I’ve needed to bring all these things together in one big evil stew.”

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