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We had the pleasure of interviewing Ted When over Zoom video!​​

​​Check out his debut EP “morning”! ​​

Born in Cedar Rapids, Ted formerly fronted the acclaimed indie band Mansions on the Moon. The singer/songwriter/producer has toured with Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, worked in the studio with The Neptunes, and currently bounces between Los Angeles and Nashville. All of these elements and experiences inform his new, genre-defying sound. Ted wrote and produced “Edge Off” with Zack Sekoff (Vince Staples, Thundercat).

“I felt very isolated when I first moved to Nashville. I had struggled with substance abuse, so that desire to shed off feeling and to be unconscious, the idea of self-sedation, is there in ‘Edge Off,’” says Ted When. “I wrote the song on a beat-up, garage sale Casio keyboard – I actually had the same one as a little kid – and I ran it through a bunch of filters and solidified the direction. When you juxtapose soft, airy vocals with hard-hitting tones and percussion, that mixture is really cool and under-utilized.”

The “Edge Off” visualizer was created by Milan-based painter/set designer/visual artist Giuseppe Ragazzini. The clip, which premiered on The FADER earlier today, can be viewed HERE.

Ted built his own home studio in Nashville – and built this new phase of his creative life completely from scratch, no previous solo releases, no social media profile, just leading with the music. His history, though, comes out not only in the remarkable range of his sonics, but also in the heart of his writing.

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