The Hello Darlins Premiere Single “Catch That Train,” Drop First Music Video

Canadian roots-rock supergroup The Hello Darlins premiere their second single “Catch That Train” with an exclusive look at their first music video today on American Songwriter.

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The Hello Darlins is the product of a talented pool of session musicians craving more in the direction of original music. After building an impressive collective resume, supporting musicians ranging from Shania Twain to BB King in the studio, they paved a path that is uniquely their own. The group, a collective of artists and special guests, is making waves in the roots-Americana world since their debut single, “Still Waters,” released on May 1. This follow-up single offers an in-depth look into their full-length collection, Go By Feel. The band will continue to unravel the record throughout the rest of the year.

“Catch That Train” chronicles their path to the present release. The lyrics detail pivotal moments, changing the direction of life. “I’ve been waitin’ for this train to come around the bend / Begging for change, so here comes the chance to start again,” sings vocalist, Candace Lacina. Along with fellow band leads, she, Mike Little, Murray Pulver, planned a perfect balance in the emotional delivery of their story. Melodically, it maintains the mourning associated with a perceived end. Layered instrumentation carries anticipation into excitement toward a new beginning.

The accompanying video is a cinematic experience – breathing life into the song through visual storytelling. With great reverence and vibrant imagery, the band places context through seemingly mundane objects. According to the group, the old medicines, retro, and bottles depicted represent a past way of doing things. The dominos that Lacina sets up around a table represent change and sometimes destruction -before you can start over. The crystal ball and repetitive presence of a rose symbolize the future and many unknown possibilities. The artist featured illustrating the rose represents the creation of a path forward, as it is designed and unveiled.

All of this symbolism embodies aspects of Lacina’s heritage. Planted as props throughout, the semantics nod to one of her most significant musical influences, her grandfather.

“His cultural roots stem from The Czech Kingdom, also known as The Kingdom of Bohemia, now Czechia,” the vocalist outlined of her descendant position. “I was born in Canada but wanted to incorporate the spirit of Bohemian heritage into the video. ‘Bohemianism’, referring to an artistic, or “unconventional” lifestyle is something that many people relate to – especially musicians and creators.”

Lacina acknowledged that her interpretation might not be the technical definition of a Bohemian person, but the phrasing reflects a sense of freedom. “Its essence was embraced by western society after the Second World War,” she continued. “My grandfather spoke English, Czech, and a Bohemian dialect of Romani that is now extinct. He was a very artistic, spiritual, carefree, and inclusive person. To me, he was what the Bohemian soul still is.”

Be among the first to watch the video for “Catch That Train” below. The single formally arrives tomorrow, July 17 on Apple Music and Spotify. Look out for more to come from The Hello Darlins in the next few months.

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