Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Chappell Roan

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Chappell Roan over Zoom video!​​

​​Chappell Roan recently released her new song & video for Pink Pony Club!

​​“In 2018, Chappell Roan packed everything she owned into the back of her car and drove three days straight from her tiny Missouri hometown, to make L.A. her home. Not long after landing in her new city, Chappell spent an outrageously fun night out at iconic gay bar The Abbey—an experience that soon altered her entire trajectory as an artist.  “All of a sudden I realized I could truly be any way I wanted to be, and no one would bat an eye,” says Chappell. “It was so different from home, where I always had such a hard time being myself and felt like I’d be judged for being different or being creative. I just felt overwhelmed with complete love and acceptance, and from then on I started writing songs as the real me.” With more new music coming very soon, Chappell Roan’s transformation into a glittery pop artist is well underway.”​​
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