The Fitting Meaning Behind Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd’s Hit Duet “Chasing After You”

By the time Ryan Hurd released his hit song “Chasing After You,” he had long established himself as one of country music’s most in-demand songwriters. The Illinois native had been working in Nashville for many years, penning songs for some of the genre’s most prominent artists.

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Along with writing hits recorded by Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, and Lady A, Hurd had also found success in his personal life. Fate led him to a co-writing schedule with fellow rising talent Maren Morris. That creative meeting eventually sparked a relationship and marriage in 2018.

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As the pair merged their lives, their individual careers continued to flourish. Eventually, it came time for Hurd to pick the songs that would make up his debut album, Pelago. It seemed only natural to include a duet with his immensely talented life partner.

The Lyrics

“Chasing After You” was released as the lead single from Pelago in February 2021. Morris and Hurd infused plenty of passion into their duet vocal performance. Lyrically, the sultry song describes a tumultuous love affair that the pair can’t let go of, no matter how hard they try.

Every time, every time you say we’re done
You come back to the love you were running from
Don’t know why, don’t know why I let you, but I do
Guess I love chasing after you

Both parties know that walking away from each other would be best. Still, they are too entangled in their desires to pursue something that could last for the long haul.

Wish I could quit you, but it feels too good
If I could turn it off, you know I would
But somethin’ ’bout you makes me think we could
Make it after all

The Meaning

As “Chasing After You” is a duet between two hit songwriters, many may assume that the track was co-written by Hurd and Morris. The track was actually penned by award-winning country writers Brinley Addington and Jerry Flowers. Over the years, it had been pitched to many other country artists before it was sent to Hurd.

Although the couple didn’t write the song themselves, they have both noted in multiple interviews that the song echoed their own experience. When they first met, both Hurd and Morris were in relationships with other people. However, it took “many years” before their mutual attraction sparked something more.

During a 2022 party celebrating the radio success of “Chasing After You,” Addington and Flowers revealed that the song was their first-ever co-write. Surprisingly, the first joint effort from two of the genre’s most successful songwriters wouldn’t immediately get snapped up by a major artist. The years it spent circulating Music Row desks seemed to be worth the wait.

The track was a Top 5 hit for Hurd, partially elevated by the support of Morris’ ever-growing fanbase. Morris and Hurd have parted ways romantically since the release of “Chasing After You.” Still, the song has become an important marker in both artists’ careers. The infectiously catchy and romantic tune also offers a reminder that pursuing love is worth the risk, even if you can’t predict its outcome.

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