Chloe Collins Pens Song Inspired By ‘Criminal Minds’

Different forms of media play different roles in our lives — movies can make you think about things you’ve never thought about, music can make you feel things you’ve never felt, visual art can make you see things you’ve never seen before. But, oddly, television is typically omitted from the “high art” category and tossed into the “casual entertainment” bin. While this might be merited when considering the artistic quality of the content, it is a little dismissive to write-off the impact television can have on us. One artist who embodies this idea is Chloe Collins on her new song “Partner In Crime.” 

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“I was initially inspired by an episode of the T.V. show Criminal Minds and the strange relationship between two of the characters,” Collins told American Songwriter. “Then I developed it from there. I guess I am at my best when I stop trying to fit into the mold of what I want to sound like and just let it flow and start writing what I feel — let the song take me where it wants to go.”

With a classic, early 2000s power-ballad feel, “Partner in Crime” shows how even something as casual as watching Criminal Minds can spur impactful emotional observations. “As a story of the singer encountering an ‘ex-’ that is trying to win her back, this song is a warning to be wary,” Collins said. “There is probably a good reason that person is your ‘ex-’ after all.”

Based out of Nashville, Collins is quite young, but talented beyond her years. With a powerful, decorative voice, Collins’ delivery conveys her experience in a uniquely relatable way. So, while you may be quick to write off the artistic value of something like Criminal Minds, don’t be so quick to write off the art it inspires.

Listen to “Partner in Crime” by Chloe Collins below:

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