Close Talker Releases Behind The Scenes Mini-Documentary of IMMERSION, a Silent Headphone Concert Event

Close Talker is an indie rock band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan made up of childhood friends Will Quiring, Matthew Kopperud, and Christopher Morien. The band has made great strides in a short period of time with two commercial releases and numerous tours throughout North America and Europe, garnering international attention from talent buyers and critically acclaimed publications. 

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This past summer, they invited their audience to join them to take part in pioneering a new, innovative form of live music consumption – a 3D-360 Silent Headphone Concert. Now, the group is releasing a behind the scenes look at how the experience came together along with a new live album, ‘How Do We Stay Here?’

The band said, “It would have been easier to have just left it an idea that we had dreamt up in the van, or the thought, that some band should do this someday it is pretty cool to reflect and look back and be like, ‘Whoa’ we’re that band. Special thank you to Versa Films for their vivid storytelling and helping share IMMERSION with a wider audience.”

With the new album, the band felt that it was especially important to create an environment and atmosphere where the audience could truly lose themselves in the music and be apart of the whole experience on a deeper level. The result was a concert experience that is truly the first of its kind: IMMERSION.

Taking the idea from concept to reality was a labour of love, and one that came to life through the efforts of many dedicated people rallying behind this special and rewarding project. The short documentary (below) provides some insight into the world behind the scenes in developing this project, along with live performance footage with immersive binaural audio for you to experience a glimpse of IMMERSION.

The latest album showcases a new musical direction for the band by introducing deeper lyrical performances and beauty in the surrounding instrumentation. The music of Close Talker has shown to be both captivating and liberating and allows listeners to stop, take a breath, and appreciate the present while fighting to remain in it.

It is something that the band says is emphasized in the live album.

“It was always our intention that our special 3D headphone concert series: IMMERSION would outlive the cross Canada tour itself. With that, we’ve selected recordings from the tour and compiled a full representation of our new album ‘How Do We Stay Here?’ Live from select cities across Canada,” they said. “In addition, we’ve mixed the album with immersive binaural audio, best experienced in its entirety wearing headphones, by yourself, and with a glass of red wine. If you can manage to achieve at least two out of the three listed above, you’ll be in good shape. This tour and album represent such a special chapter for us and we hope that you too connect and resonate with the album.” 

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