Loren Kramar Examines The Filters Of Life On “Cover Girl”

Perhaps of all the mind-melting innovations that have been made in the realm of photography over the past century, the advent of the “filter” is the most… intriguing. Whether it’s used as an easy way to get a laugh or as the ultimate fairy godmother making us look good in photos, filters have radically redefined how we visually communicate with each other. On Tuesday, Los Angeles-based visual artist and songwriter Loren Kramar had a little bit of fun with this filter phenomenon in a music video for his new single, “Cover Girl.”

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Intended to demonstrate Kramar’s creation of “a remote reality for himself,” the song is a soulful invitation to a more genuine way of living. “I’ve always been attracted to stories about ambitious, fraught characters,” Kramar told American Songwriter. “Show business and the kinds of people who pursue careers in the spotlight fascinate me. ‘Cover Girl’ was born out of that fascination. It’s a story about my own longing for love and intimacy while simultaneously pursuing the acceptance of an audience. If this song allows someone to connect more deeply with their own experiences, I’m thrilled and grateful.”

With help from visionary producer Chris Taylor (of Grizzly Bear fame), “Cover Girl” shows off Kramar’s expressive voice, which sometimes sounds akin to a young Cat Stevens. Musically, layers of pianos, guitars and violins float all around like a warm coastal breeze while the rhythm section is locked down by roomy drums. 

“Like many of my songs, this one arrived with the bulk of its lyrics and melodies intact,” Kramar said. “I really didn’t question how or why it came to be. It felt so personally revealing and concise that I couldn’t help but follow it’s lead. When I moved back to LA, I met Chris Taylor. Together, we recorded at his home studio in Angelino Heights, Vox Studios, and Capitol Studios in Hollywood.”

A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Kramar has been busy since 2015 making records. opening up for artists like Zsela and Liam Benzvi and performing alongside artists like Weyes Blood, Mac Demarco, Amber Coffman and more. All this is no small feat, but Kramar isn’t close to done. A dreamer through and through, when asked about his ambitions he notes that “they’re so grand that I’d be embarrassed to tell anyone but my mother.”

Listen to Loren Kramar’s new single “Cover Girl” below:

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