Cutler Station Pens An Ode To ‘Midwest Moms’

“This song is an ode to the hardworking, Virginia-Slim-smoking, meatloaf-making matriarchs at the center of Appalachian culture,” Cutler Station’s John Evans told American Songwriter. “Without these strong women in our lives, who knows what kind of trouble we’d gotten ourselves into?”

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The song Evans is referring to is the aptly named “Midwest Moms,” which comes off of Cutler Station’s forthcoming LP, Meat, No Sides. Between its endearingly light-hearted lyrics, grooving rhythm and melodic guitar fills, the song shows off the homegrown, straight-forward, hard-working rock that Cutler Station has been cultivating since forming in 2010.

“A few years ago, I wrote in my lyric journal ‘Cutler Station will be a cult classic band.’” Evans said. “I believe in the ability to write or think things into being. I believe it takes hard work and dedication and the ability to grind it out when no one else will. I also believe in expressing your thoughts and desires to the universe and the universe will, in turn, reward you. However, you must have your radar and you must be listening. We try to always write the best possible song we can. We are constantly asking if ‘that is the right lyric’ or if ‘the bridge could be expanded on or even cut.’ We are always trying to push our boundaries and yet remain in our cocoon. We are always chasing that palpable ‘high’ we get when making something together. It’s like a sweat that envelopes you and you know you’re doing something on another level, together. It’s an addiction for sure and I never want that to go away. We genuinely love making music together and will continue making music together until we can’t. We know we aren’t going to be famous. We aren’t trying to be the next huge band. I just wanna make it to the next Wednesday for our weekly practice/rehearsal/writing night.” 

That philosophy provides the foundation for the genuineness and organic beauty that flows from Cutler Station’s music. Named after the general store in the band’s hometown of Vincent, Ohio, Cutler Station is on the front lines of American culture. Whereas big, chart-topping artists interact with the public through channels of pop culture, Cutler Station is in the trenches, drinking in the bars and playing at the haunts of everyday, average Americans. While they may not be getting the money and fame of their mainstream counterparts, the joy and beautiful music that Cutler Station brings into the world is of a deeper, more poignant meaning. In that way, the band itself is similar to the midwest moms that they pay homage to. 

“Every mom deserves a thank you and this is ours,” Evans said. “Also, if you’ve never had a pepperoni roll, you’re missing out.”

Listen to “Midwest Moms” by Cutler Station below:

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