Daily Discovery: Arts Fishing Club Dismantles The Illusions Of Fame On New Single “Hollywood”

Arts Fishing Club by Jacqueline Justice

Even though Arts Fishing Club’s new single “Hollywood” starts off with frontman Christopher Kessenich depicting a scene of fame-obsessed exuberance, it doesn’t take long for the down-to-Earth authenticity of the band to break through. 

Dropping on April 30 alongside the band’s new EP, The Show, “Hollywood” and its catchy, feel-good, ‘90s-alt vibe speaks to the spirit the Nashville-based band takes towards their craft. 

“On the surface, I want this song to be fun for people… an escape that you can put on in the car and rock out to with that American glamour that’s all too familiar,” Kessenich told American Songwriter. “However, I hope that for some of the audience, it hits on two levels. If the listener wants to go deeper and think about the lyric, I hope they understand that it’s a critique of fame culture, a satirical look at the desperate attempt for attention so much of society is engaged in. The character in the song is more concerned with being seen and heard than his pursuit of art. Ultimately, he loses his mind in that pursuit. ”

Produced by Wilco co-founder Ken Coomer and co-written with Michael Mcgraw and Derek Batt, “Hollywood” is also indicative of the organic love for performing that the members of Arts Fishing Club bring to the table. Taking inspiration from the likes of Paul Simon, Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers, they embody an explorative spirit, using their passion for making cool songs as their guiding light. 

“I usually write my best songs after a couple days of consistent writing,” Kessenich explained. “Then, songs just start dropping out of the ether… ‘effortlessly,’ dare I say. Getting to that flow-state is always worth it. When musical magic happens like that, you just gotta run with it.”

While most songwriters know that those ‘musical magic’ moments can sometimes be few and far between, it seems like The Show is littered with them. From the headbanging backbeat of the title track to the summery indie atmosphere of a song like “Horizon Eyes,” Arts Fishing Club is proving that even in the age of hi-fi future pop and viral TikTok moments, the chemistry of a good band is still one of the greatest thrills out there… especially when that band can successfully navigate the rise to fame without succumbing to the pulls of Hollywood.

Arts Fishing Club’s new EP The Show is out now and available everywhere. Listen to their new single “Hollywood” below:

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