Daily Discovery: BeMyFiasco’s “Bad Dream”

Dallas, Texas-born artist BeMyFiasco began songwriting in her bedroom at just 9 years old. Now she’s working with Grammy Award-winning artists—like Phonte of the rap group Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange—and releasing new music, like her lovely new heart-pumping new single, “Bad Dream.”

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Today (October 15), she released her newest album, Where I Left You, which fans can check out here.

“I had a small tape recorder,” the artist says, remembering her earliest music days, “and I used to freestyle or ‘free-sing’ as I called it. I wrote my first song professionally back in 2012. It’s called ‘Indecisive‘ off of my first mixtape, Solitude. That was the first time I got to see how my pen could really move people.”

For BeMyFiasco, the music she makes is like the emotions she wears on her sleeve. She takes in what’s around her and sings it back out. It may seem like a simple act, but at its core, it’s what makes a true artist.

“Everything I make comes from the soul,” she says. “I can slow it down and serenade your uncle with a ballad and I can speed it up and make something fun for the ladies. Equal opportunity jams!”

For the artist’s new single, she began with a track she got from Phonte. He also had an idea for the hook and so, with that, the two began to dive in. As they went, the artist found the subject matter easy waters to swim in.

“We started to fill in the blanks,” BeMyFiasco says. “It just happened that my life coincided with the content, so writing the song became simple. Art imitates life, I suppose.”

Those who listen to the track will feel the emotive powers of the songwriter. Ultimately, what she wants to do with the song is empower the listener. To know you’re all you need in your most dire moments.

On the track, BeMyFiasco sings:

Steady treading water but I made it / walkin’ with a strut I’m God’s fav / and when it comes to me no / he don’t play.

“Sometimes,” BeMyFiasco says, “you got to ride with the windows down in a matte-colored Jeep to remind yourself that you are that girl. Always have been and always will be. Things change. People change. Feel those emotions, work through it and keep pushing.”

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