Daily Discovery: Bonsai, “I Like You Man”


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Brooklyn based band, Bonsai, released their self-titled EP back in May. They are currently playing shows around New York City. Click HERE for a list of upcoming gigs!

ARTIST: Bonsai

SONG: I Like You Man

BIRTHDATE: Hmmmmm….1982?

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles


AMBITIONS: Make good music, be open to new things, to love thoughtfully and wholly, to have my family live closer to me, and a huge mansion filled with expensive stuffed animals.

TURN-OFFS: Mean people, bad politics.

TURN-ONS: Kind people, avocados, good lighting.

DREAM GIG: I have a lot of those. Of course it would be at a venerable place in NYC, but if I’m totally honest I’m thinking somewhere outside in a place I’ve never been with a cool crowd and a great line up of nice and awesome bands.

FAVORITE LYRIC:  You got a face with a view. Talking Heads “This Must Be the Place.”

CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: Unfortunately that might be myself. I’ll go with my Dad, which would explain a lot. He’s crazy in a good way though. He makes  people laugh so hard they look crazy.

SONG I WISH I WROTE: Oh boy. This is hard. Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”


The President of the United States, so I could find out what’s REALLY going on. I’m sure he’d tell me EVERYTHING.

Stevie Nicks. I met her once and she was so nice and had the softest hands I’ve ever touched.

Someone I don’t know yet that I could fall madly in love with, but still keep my head on straight, and gaze deep into his eyes and ask, “Do you have your half of the rent?”

Amy Poehler. She’s hilarious and laughter is good for you.

Bruce Springsteen. I admire him heaps. Amazing performer, he just gives his all. I would love to ask him tons of questions about his work and music. Also because he’s awesome and I want to write a song with him one day.

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: I go to a lot of smaller venues because it’s more intimate and you can just hear and see better. 

I loved seeing The Decemberists at Bowery Ballroom. They had all of these stage props like paper mache waves to go with their dreamy lyrics. Their energy was amazing and they played their hearts out.

I WROTE THIS SONG: I woke up with the melody in my head. The lyrics came quickly and I brought it to Greg and he banged on his guitar and I banged some drum sticks together and that was it. Ah…if only writing a song was always that linear! I still listen to our demo of that song sometimes with just the two of us acoustic and it makes me excited to write the next new song together.


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