Daily Discovery: Carly Pearce, “First Rodeo”

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2012 Country Throwdown Tour – The Bluebird Cafe Featured Artist

ARTIST: Carly Pearce

SONG: “First Rodeo”

BIRTHDATE: April 24th

BIRTHPLACE: Marion, IN. But raised in Taylor Mill, KY.

AMBITIONS: To become one of the leading ladies of country music.

TURN-OFFS: dishonesty, laziness, chewing with your mouth open, dirty finger nails, cockiness.

TURN-ONS: Christian, makes me laugh, ambitious, dark hair, tall– I am 5’9 without heels, I need somebody tall!

DREAM GIG: To tour with Keith Urban– I mean, what girl wouldn’t want to do that?

IF I HAD MORE TIME, I WOULD: take a cooking class- cooking is my other passion!

MY NIGHTLY RITUAL BEFORE BED: Usually read or catch up on my DVR shows!

THE BEST WAY TO GET A MAN’S ATTENTION: I think confidence is key. When girls feel confident in her own skin, I think guys can see that and are drawn to it. I also think a girl that can make a guy laugh is a good thing!

MY 5 FAVORITE FUNNYMEN: Will Ferrel (his twitter is hilarious!) Jimmy Fallon, Vince Vaughn (“Wedding Crashers” will never get old to me) Dane Cook, & Dave Chapelle.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Ryan. Reynolds. No question. I blush even thinking of that man! Ryan Gosling is a close second. He completely won me over in The Notebook along with every other girl in America.

I WROTE THIS SONG: with 2 of my favorite ladies in Nashville, Bonnie Baker & Roxie Dean. I had been a huge fan of Roxie as an artist for years, and Bonnie to this day is one of my dearest friends and an incredible writer. We wrote this about 2 1/2 years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite songs to date.

Carly Pearce performs live in The Bluebird Cafe Tent at The Country Throwdown Tour in Nashville, TN on July 8th.

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