Daily Discovery: Chris Davis, “This Could Be Love”

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ARTIST: Chris Davis

SONG: “This Could Be Love”

BIRTHDATE: December 30, 1989

BIRTHPLACE: Dallas, Texas

AMBITIONS: Make a bunch of great records and play them for people everywhere. Always improve as a person, songwriter, guitar player and singer.

TURN-OFFS: I’m always turned off by people who take themselves too seriously. It’s really just not worth it.

TURN-ONS: A good sense of humor and a good sense of balance to everything in life.

DREAM GIG: This is a tough one, but either playing Red Rocks Amphitheater or the Crossroads Guitar Festival. Honestly though, I’d be happy just to be on tour and playing for people every night!

TV ADDICTIONS: I have way too many! At the top of the list though is Arrested Development, Psych, The Office, and Seinfeld.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Zooey Deschanel

WORDS TO LIVE BY: Never make someone a priority that only makes you an option.

SMARTEST PERSON I KNOW: Probably Siri, but I would never say that to her face.

I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: trying to remember to wear pants.

I WROTE THIS SONG: while trying to write the most simple, dreamlike love song. Up until this point, I had not been able to break through with writing a truly catchy, simple song. I’d been on a streak that involved starting songs then complicating them and losing my way. So they never got finished. I needed to break the habit and attempted to write something simple and happy. This song enabled me to write the rest of my EP, Onefifteen. It truly helped me set the tone I wanted– a bright, summer pop sound. Hopefully, I succeeded.

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