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Hailing from Music City, TN, Creature Comfort is a fresh alternative to the typical indie rock band. Combining the sounds of sweeping guitar licks, mobile bass lines, creative percussion, and all-too-relatable lyrics, Creature Comfort is sure to provide a new taste for the sonic palate.


Artist: Creature Comfort

Song: All My Friends

Birthday: October 31st, 2011

Hometown: Murfreesboro

Current Location: Nashville

Ambitions: Have fun, communicate with people via the artistic medium we are collectively most well-versed in

Turn-offs: Capri pants, flat-billed hats, socks with sandals, ebola

Turn-ons: Candy bracelets, “Cowboy Take Me Away” by The Dixie Chicks, blood-spattered luchador wrestling

Dream Gig: Any show with more than 100 people; a show in front of people we didn’t pay to be there

Favorite Lyric: “Eight gold rings like I’m Sh-Shabba Ranks”

But seriously, one of CC’s songs: “I am my father’s son” and “The silver lining in your eyes is nothing more than a disguise—I guess I’m really not surprised”

Craziest Person We Know: our good friend UniMo in St. Louis. UniMo stands for “Universal Moses.” An insightful, intelligent, and kind friend we made before our final show of the Pleasure Crusade tour. He’ll probably never see this, but we wish him well and hope to cross paths with him again someday.

Song We Wish We Wrote: “Empire Ants” by Gorillaz

5 We’d Like To Have Dinner With: Wayne Coyne, Trent Reznor, Frank Zappa, Annie Clark (St. Vincent), and Bill Murray

My Favorite Concert Experience: Paul McCartney at Bonnaroo, Chromeo in Nashville, Steely Dan in Nashville, Radiohead 2010 at Bonnaroo



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