Daily Discovery: Dana Gavanski Releases Debut Album ‘Yesterday is Gone’

These first few months of 2020 have not been kind to very many people. With everything going on, artists are still finding ways to engage with their fans through livestreams on Instagram, selling merch, and even releasing new music. For Dana Gavanski, her new album ‘Yesterday is Gone,’ is her first ever release and it’s come at just the right time when everyone is stuck inside.

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Gavanski went to Instagram to describe the feeling of releasing her first works in such a chaotic time. “’Yesterday is Gone,’ my debut album, is out today! Bizarre times to be releasing an album, but maybe it’ll find you and comfort you in your quarantined headquarter. So many magical humans gave life to this album; Sam Gleason, Mike Lindsay, Charles James, Evan Cartwright, Aaron Hoffman, Ted Crosby, and Heather Kirby for which I gave my deepest thanks.” She went on to give thanks to labels, friends, and possibly her biggest supporters, her family.

This ten-track record features fan favorites like “Good Instead of Bad,” “Small Favours,” and the title-track, which Gavanski wanted to be a classic sounding. “I want people to hopefully do some head bopping and maybe have some good-natured introspection.” The song was recorded with a band at Toronto’s Union Sound Company and was co-produced with Gleason and Lindsay.

As the album passed through the hands of Gleason, Lindsay and Gavanski, it took on different tastes and visions. The same can be said when she performed the album with the band. She has always been intrigued by artists like Aldous Harding and David Bowie, who expressed themselves in exaggeration on stage, something she also longs to do. She is also inspired by songwriters like Judee Sill, who Gavanski says is “so lyrical, poetic and clever. And an amazing arranger. She arranged and produced the whole album and two of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard: The Donor and The Kiss. She just has this natural knack for storytelling, melding biblical themes and personal experience – it’s genius.” You can certainly see some of Sill’s traits come out in Gavanski in this collection of songs.

While the world sits and waits for the coronavirus to blow over, Dana Gavanski has fans covered with this new record. Although most of her upcoming shows are likely to be canceled, you can still see the full tour schedule on her website DanaGavanski.com.

‘Yesterday is Gone’ is available on streaming sites everywhere today!

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