Daily Discovery: Dave Heumann, “Ides of Summer”


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ARTIST: Dave Huemann

SONG: “Ides of Summer”

HOMETOWN: Baltimore, Maryland

CURRENT LOCATION: Baltimore, Maryland

AMBITIONS: To not have any hits. Or a lot of them. Since the latter is far less likely, I will stick with the first one.

DREAM GIG: I’d like to do a tour where we play only East Coast barrier islands one summer.

FAVORITE LYRIC: There are too many great ones…

SONG I WISH I WROTE: “Eight Miles High” – The Byrds

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Eric Idle, Patti Smith, Rupert Sheldrake, John Michael Greer, and Robert Hunter. Preferably all at once.

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: Hard to say, but among my recent favorites, I’ll go with Bond St District at Baltimore’s Bombadillo Festival, September 2015.

I WROTE THIS SONG BECAUSE…It was just a story that I felt needed telling.



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