Daily Discovery: eee gee Shows The World That She’s “Killing It”

“Not knowing where you’re going is the epitome of being an artist,” Emma Grankvist tells American Songwriter.

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So, when Grankvist—who performs under the name eee gee—felt that the uncertainty of her life was coming to a peak, she did what a lot of artists would do: she got busy creating. Trying to make sense of the swirling flurry of circumstances and emotions, she poured her aspirations into a song… and now, that song is finally out. “Killing It” dropped September 3.

“I had to investigate the insecurities and loneliness I felt clashing with the courage and adventures I have ahead of me,” Grankvist explained. “I’m just trying to put some of my worries aside by manifesting that I’m ‘Killing It’ already. Everything is energy, so when you hit rock bottom, you have to start converting some of that heavy energy into something more fruitful and constructive. With ‘Killing It,’ my medium is humor and self-irony—I’m ‘faking it til I make it.’”

With a punchy, ‘70s-throwback feel, “Killing It” conveys the wistful confidence Grankvist was ruminating on… and with a powerful bassline and her nimble vocals dancing overtop, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the tapestry of her reflections. To that end, the song is a great example of how strong of a force songwriting can be.

“I like that I can make a sad feeling into something happy, and I can make a happy feeling into something sad,” Grankvist said. “I love the contrasts and dualities. It’s important to always give yourself space to follow where the song wants to go. We’re songwriters—not a cookie factory! If you want to write a song with four verses in a row, do it. Don’t feel so rushed that you skip a beautiful storytelling part just because you think it’s too long. I try to remind myself of this all the time. If I compromise too much in my songwriting, I feel like I’m underestimating the listener.”

Coming out alongside a picturesque music video—featuring Grankvist wandering around New York City in traditional tourist garb—“Killing It” is a great slice of the Norwegian artist’s sound, which she describes as “empowering, sad Nordicana bangers.” Looking forward, she’s excited to see where her artistic intuition takes her next. “Who knows, maybe there’s an entire album of great songs in the pot?” she concluded. 

eee gee’s new single “Killing It” is out now—watch its music video below:

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