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From 2009-2012, Luke was a member of Los Angeles pop-punk band Assemble The Skyline. In 2014, the singer/songwriter moved to Nashville to pursue a solo career. He recently released his solo EP, “Skeletons” on Oct. 21. You can pick up a copy of the EP here.

ARTIST: Luke Boor

SONG: Don’t Let Me Down Easy

BIRTHDATE: August 18

HOMETOWN: Galveston, TX


AMBITIONS: I want to become a better writer everyday. I want to travel to Europe. I’d love to be fluent in a 2nd language, and I want some kind of stick-shift muscle car.

TURN OFFS:  People who wearing sunglasses at night, bad tattoos, being clean shaven, endless songs using the Cadd9 chord, and Nickelback

TURN ONS: The Ombre hairstyle, great songs

DREAM GIG: The Grammy’s

FAVORITE LYRIC: The entire chorus of “Inside Out”, by Eve 6

CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: Every member of the band, The Venetia Fair

SONG I WISH I WROTE: “I Can’t Tell You Why” – The Eagles

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Stephen King, John F. Kennedy, Martin Scorcese, Elmore Leonard, Kacey Musgraves

FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: Blink 182’s “Take Off Your Pants & Jacket” Tour in 2001

I WROTE THIS SONG: I wrote this song, “Don’t Let Me Down Easy”, because being stuck in a rut, becoming stagnant is something everyone battles. Whether its the same job everyday, the same bar, the same town, the same anything, it’s a struggle when life gets redundant, when it feels like you can’t feel anything anymore. This song is about jumping and having faith the net will appear, it’s about getting your heart wrecked, it’s about wanting to get up and just experience something, whether amazingly positive or downright horrible, it’s about wanting more and never settling.

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