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Luke Levenson started in the Bluegrass group, Candle Kid, and now as a solo artist he is transforming into the Electronic music world. Levenson’s songs are written with beautiful stories and experiences while the instrumentals are funky and electronic. His songs are one of a kind drawing the listeners back for more.  He is currently performing locally in Nashville, TN at places such as Tin Roof, The Bluebird Cafe, The End, and Cafe Coco. For his electronic shows he performs with DJ, Dom Hurley, creating a lively atmosphere. Luke Levenson continues to perform and create music that we can relate to and enjoy. Be sure to check out his newest song, “Red Ribbon”, below!

Artist: Luke Levenson

Song: Red Ribbon

Birthdate: 1995

Hometown: Alabama

Current Location: Nashville

Ambitions: Inflatable Skyscrapers

Turn-offs: Louis XVI

Turn-ons: Mary Antoinette

Dream Big: Inflatable Cities

Favorite Lyric: Oh baby

Song I Wish I Wrote: Oh baby

5 People I’d Like to Have Dinner With: I refuse to answer this. It requires that I become socially capable in a party of 6. I cannot make conversation with 6 people at once, let alone 1. However, I wouldn’t mind watching Hemingway  and Orson Welles duke it out behind a brandy and some spicy Shrimp Opelousas

Craziest Concert Experience: Gladiator fight, Forum Romanum, May 3, 112 CE.

I Wrote This Song: Waiting For Death (copyright Luke Levenson 2013).

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