Daily Discovery: Majestico, “I Just Want To”

Majestico 600X400Majestico worked on his writing accompanied by the sound of the wild animals that lived at the zoo that neighbored his house. After an impromptu gig with a rapidly assembled band, Majestico took to the studio to record the 2012 EP Love is God. Nashville natives can seem him July 13th at 3rd & Lindsley.

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ARTIST:  Majestico

SONG: I Just Want To 


HOMETOWN: Nashville


AMBITIONS: life, love & miracles

TURN-OFFS: determined ignorance,  misplaced pride & boogers.

TURN-ONS: realistic humility, genuine laughs & high pony tails

DREAM GIG: Auckland, New Zealand w/ The Mattoid and Bombino

FAVORITE LYRIC (from another artist): 

At the corrida we’ll sit in the shade

And watch the young torero stand alone

We’ll drink tequila where our grandfathers stayed

When they rode with Villa into Torreon.

Then the padre will recite the prayers of old

In the little church this side of town

I will wear new boots and an earring of gold

You’ll shine with diamonds in your wedding gown.

The way is long but the end is near

Already the fiesta has begun

The face of God will appear

With His serpent eyes of obsidian.

CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: It’s gotta be Darren

Different Artist’s SONG I WISH I WROTE: “Be Still My Soul” by Katharina von Schlegel

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Admiral Richard Byrd, Darren Waterston, Geronimo, Paul of Tarsus, H.P. Blavatsky

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: Hans Condor’s last show at the old Zombie Shop


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