Daily Discovery: Maude Latour Mixes Electro with Emotion

Singer/songwriter Maude Latour is a wild blend of ridiculous intelligence and self aware fun. Her interest in metaphysics, modern-day politics, and the layered facets of spirituality juxtapose curiously with a fizzy, space pop soundscape.

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Her songs have an energy that is shot through a canon and come back down to earth inside of a landscape of alt, electro, and indie pop. It is a mix of Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift — weighty, yes, but listen below. Her new single, Lovesick is the sixth track, but the best track, on her new EP, ‘Starsick’. It is an exploration of the anguish and physical wear and tear related to heartache. 

Lovesick makes me cry for a lot of reasons. I learned about lovesickness from a college class. We read so many texts like Sappho, or Virgil’s Aeneid where love is treated like a disease. It used to be diagnosed by doctors. The thing is, lovesickness truly is so physical and all consuming,” she told American Songwriter. “It affects my immune system, my clarity and the way I’m operating. It’s insane how powerful heartache is, it is the stuff of life. This song is about these feelings; acknowledging their power, letting it go and being grateful for how lucky we are to feel any sort of connection between people despite how much space there is in the world.

“The chorus here is truly a choir. I was feeling so fed up with hooks and song structure and insisted on writing a choir of different parts overlapping to make an angelic symphony. This is ‘Lovesick.’”

The EP also features her hit single “Shoot and Run,” that’s brimming with striking melodies, pristine synth-pop inflections, and Maude’s velvety vocals. The teenage love anthem copes with the personal tussles of repairing a relationship that appears to have gone awry somewhere along the way. 

“Ride My Bike” finds Maude crooning through vocal harmonies and lilting melodies. The EP culminates with the latest single, “Lovesick.” 

The pacing of the EP was born of her view of current music trends. Both positive and negative.

“I was getting so sick of the formats of songs today, all I wanted was to be back in choir and have millions of parts as a symphony of sound, words overlapped, just creating a total lucic soundscape,” Latour said. “I’m so glad that lovesick is the result of that dream. I started writing it on my piano, it was the symphonic strings that really pushed the tone of the song into a reality. This song has increased in meaning for me since I wrote it, I honestly can barely listen to it now, it makes me cry.”

Jerry Garcia/ Photo by Herb Greene

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